Afflecks Palace | Who Are We
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Who Are We

We do not expect to appeal to everyone, our place is informal. We are not part of a multiple or a chain, although in the last twenty years since we started a few people, some of whom have had shop units with us in the past, have copied the idea in other cities. We hold our hats off to them!.

We are an independent enterprise, for the independent entrepreneur, existing amongst the wilderness of multiples hiding behind their ‘dog eat dog’ corporate facades which boringly blight our city centres.

The objective is now and always has been to encourage an exciting interesting place, which in our modest way would be something more than just a shopping centre based entirely on commercial interests.

The very essence of this business was started on the princple of youth culture in all its extremes, and letting people ‘do their own thing’ to achieve this objective. We try our best to nurture our fledgling entrepreneurs , and watch them fly !.

Shopping should be fun ! Afflecks Palace should be fun ! Relax meet your friends and enjoy the atmosphere ! Our dedication is to imagination, ideas, and anything a bit wacky !!.

To find out more about the history of Afflecks Palace, click here.