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24-hour reception

We can make sure that you have access to our services 24*7.

Exceptional room service

We want to make sure that you can live here in peace with all the services that we have to offer.

Beautiful rooms

You stay can be the most exceptional which can make you want to stay longer.




We want to make sure that you have all the reasons enjoy your stay here. With the help of our excellent service team we can make luxury lifestyle easy for you.

Free WiFi access

We can make sure that you are connected to the world even when you are disconnected.

250+ channels

Like watching TV with us you can be sure to enjoy the likes of 250+ channels.

Free air conditioning

We can make sure that you lead a cool and calm life here with us.

Exchange office

Want to work, we can help you out providing an exchange office all to yourself.

Restaurant & cafe

We can make sure that you have a nearby access to restaurants and cafes as well.

Free pool access

Enjoy your day in the pool with all the right amenities which will come right to you.

Latest Updates

  • 7 Ideas to Bring Instant Luxury to Your Vacation Rental

    Planning on giving your apartment or house as a vacation rental? Want to make it look instantly luxurious for attractive offers? If yes, then keep reading. Vacation rentals are the perfect way of making money while you’re on a vacation yourself without having to work.  Giving out your house as a vacation rental can be a tricky business if not done properly. The idea is to make them feel as if they’re giving less amount of money for a luxurious, out-of-budget place. If you want customers and tourists to pick your house/ apartment for renting 15-20 days then it is necessary that the house/apartment looks homely and decent as well. Some few tricks that you can employ to garner a larger customer base is by making the house look luxurious and appealing through the following ways:

    Balance your lighting

    It is important that the house has an adequate amount of lighting to give it a fresh, open look because no one wants to live in a dull, murky place. Therefore equal amounts of natural and artificial lighting instilled in the necessary areas of the house will work.  To give it a touch of class, use LED bulbs in different shapes over walls.

    Stick to classic colors

    Never have we seen a luxurious house with a gradient of different length colors. This is because it negates the classic factor of the house. If you want the house to look luxurious then stick to monochromes like white, beige, cream etc for the walls.  But for instant effect, remove all the tacky colored show pieces and accessories in the house.

    Adorn the walls with art

    To portray a gentle interest in art, cover the walls with pictures and paintings that aren’t too loud for the mood of the place. Use framed paintings. Local art is more accurate to show history of the place in the house.

    Put plants in different corners of the house

    Plants radiate light and zest into the room. It also helps in purifying the air and giving out a nature-friendly vibe.  Plants are anti-oxidants and so enhance the room’s liveliness in general.

    Use mirrors

    Add mirrors, specifically vertical ones to add to the luxury look of the house.  Mirrors help create illusions that lengthen a room’s actual image.

    Play with different textures

    It is okay to have tacky items and accessories if the color gradient of the house matches it otherwise put it away.  While playing with textures, try involving subtle, light colors like baby-pink, light blue, cream, etc. Use metallic colors to add to the posh effect of the house.

    Provide exciting deals and offers

    Along with making your house look luxurious and comfortable, it is also an addition to the pleasing factor by pampering your guests/customers with discounts for local cafes, spas, salons etc. ...

  • Reasons You Should Choose a Luxury Villa Over a Hotel Room

    One of the highlights of travelling is the accommodation that comes with it. Choosing the right kind of accommodation is important because it could either uplift or lower your travelling energy. Immersing yourself in a tub filled with lukewarm water, surrounded by scented candles and hand-picked flowers is the perfect way of unwinding after a whole day of travel. Simply lying in a fluffy bed with silky smooth covers could also do the trick. But if you’re ending your day in a dirty, cramped hotel room of the beautiful city then you’re doing it wrong. The essence of travelling is in the place and the stay. Therefore we help you realize why choosing a luxury villa over a hotel room is the ideal way of spending your days and nights while travelling.


    One of the biggest pet peeves of people while travelling is not knowing if the food they’re   consuming is safe or not. Many people tend to get sick easily because of the change in food patterns but a luxury villa takes care of that. They offer all kinds of continental food that tourists can have without fearing a bad stomach. The food served is clean and trustworthy unlike hotels where they serve the regional complimentary breakfast for all.


    Luxury villa, as its name suggests is purely luxury based but this does not mean it is expensive. In fact if you travel with a large group of people then you can get a villa for a much cheaper price than a hotel room. It includes facilities like gym, swimming pools, heated bath tubs, stay essentials, luxurious beds, complimentary services like morning breakfast, evening tea and snacks, closets etc under their tariff.

    Couple friendly

    If you’re travelling with your spouse on a honeymoon trip then luxury villas offer privacy like no other. It provides newly-weds with candlelight dinners, where to take romantic walks in the city and a list of couple things to try out in the place.

    Family perks

    If you’re planning a travel with your family and kids for the summer vacations then luxury villa is the ideal spot for all age groups to enjoy. Starting from oil massages and yoga practices for adults and play area for kids.

    Natural locations

    The main reason for choosing luxury villas are the beautiful locations they are set in. Surrounded by nature on all four sides, the stay is a rejuvenating experience.

    Activities and events

    During the stay, people are asked to indulge in a variety of activities surrounding the villas like swimming pool contests, scuba diving, candlelight dinners, trampoline, parties hosted by the management, Ayurvedic treatment, Yoga practice etc....

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